Adam Curry & PodcasterPro™ Studio
Season 3 Ep 12

Adam Curry Set To Launch The PodcasterPro™ Studio

Gary Leland Show S3 E12 Adam Curry and the PodcasterPro™Thanks for tuning into this weeks episode of the Gary Leland Show! Today I am very excited to speak with one of the original founders of podcasting, and all time great podcasters, Adam Curry. We are discussing his new product the all-in-one PodcasterPro™.

This product is launching on Kickstarter very soon and you can find out more info here: SmallBatch.Audio.

Ten years in the making, almost in your hands…
“It has been quite the ride bringing my vision of affordable, portable professional podcasting equipment to market. And I’m happy to inform you that we’re almost there!

In 2012 I spoke in Chicago about the combined power of networked consumers using technology to become producers of products and services they want. In less than 2 months that concept will come to fruition when we launch our Kickstarter for the PodcasterPro™.” – Adam Curry

Stay Up To Date With Adam’s Kickstarter Blog HERE.

Find Adam’s interview with Todd Cochran on the “Podcast Legends” show HERE.

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