Marketing with the Fixer Upper Podcast
Season 3 Ep 7

Selling Products on the Fixer Upper Podcast

Gary Leland Show S3 E7 The Fixer Upper PodcastThis episode of the Gary Leland Show is a follow up to last episode about the marketing and advertising I am doing for Leland’s Wallpaper. I dive into our recent project creating the Fixer Upper Podcast and how I produce the show.

We have been following the new season of the HGTV Show titled Fixer Upper, with Chip and Joanna Gaines, and each week my wife and I record an episode discussing the newest episode.

The best part about producing our own show is that I am able to market products we are creating like shirts and hats with our logo and slogan’s on them. Another aspect of this podcast is that since we own a wallpaper store, Joanna Gaines has a wallpaper line that we are selling in store and online. This way we can market wallpaper that was featured in the episode and from the featured wallpaper book she has created.

Find out more information about and and see what we have created!

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